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About Us

ABOUT MNM Comtrade

MNM Comtrade is a new age Company offering trading in Currency Derivatives & Equity Markets in India. It is one of the fastest growing financial services company providing innovative technology, extensive research & advisory tools, advanced educational & training programs and world-class customer service. MNM serves as a broker for Currency Derivatives & Equity Markets trading and offers both online and offline trading in the currency , equity segment and is a member of leading exchanges of the India , through its subsidiaries has a pan-India presence with its headquarters in Gujarat "Customer is most Important Visitor” and Trade with Transparency is followed by every employee.

We empower our client by being an 'Advisor' - giving him relevant information that is easy to understand and timely to execute to meet his investment goals by observing the global markets and covering all the possible aspects which are supposed to be kept in mind.


Our Products to Serve

F&Q, Mutual Funds, Bonds, IPOs, Derivatives, Currencies and more to meet your financial goals. We offer transparency and consistent results that makes us into a truly honest financial relationship with client / investor.

Market Research

The Research Team at MNM covers almost all the companies which are active in the markets and also give the guidance according to the different sectors of the markets which helps the traders to know the overall scenario of the company and also the different sectors.


At MNM Comtrade, we have experienced professionals who form investment strategies related to commodity trading. Commodity Futures are one of the most active forms of investment trading today. Some Investors choose to engage solely in Commodity futures as a means of generating revenue from an investment portfolio. Research being our core strength,adedicated research team is available to provide clients with both fundamental as well as technical research

Commodity a good diversifier to reduce the volatility of returns in a portfolio, given that Commodity have been a very little or negative correlation with other asset classes such as equities. Understanding investment needs are not the same for every person, out team offers a personalized approach with custom made strategies suitable for individual trading needs.

The commodity desk service is designed to foresee the risk factors and devise ways to control, hedge or completely nullify potential commodity risks. Apart from research, the well trained teams at the branches nearest to your home are always available to attend to your queries.


What are the Commodity Exchanges?

Just like the stock market, commodity trading also requires a dedicated market where buyers and sellers can trade their commodities. A commodity exchange is a market space where people can buy and sell commodities.There are six national commodity exchanges for commodity trading in India:

  • Multi Commodity Exchange also known as MCX
  • National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange or NCDEX
  • National Multi Commodity Exchange or Shortly refferred to as NMCE
  • Indian Commodity Exchange or ICEX

What are the various types of commodities?


This includes commodities like sugar, wheat, rice, lentils like channa, rajma, as well as spices like cumin etc.


Energy trading includes crude oil and its products like gasoline, coal, natural gas, kerosene,diesel, wind powder etc.


Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc., and industrial metals like copper, aluminium, etc.are included in this category.


This group comprises livestock like pork, meat, cattle, beef and their produce like egg, milk, etc.

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